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In conversation with Kenebo Rajkumar, the young poet from Manipur

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city kemp Manipuri city kempThe National Youth Charitable Trust, a Bangalore based trust, organised a small interaction program with an upcoming poet and writer from Manipur, Kenebo Rajkumar. The event was held on the February 28 at the Karnataka State Hockey Stadium Club hall.
Kenebo Rajkumar is a young poet and writer from Manipur has been writing since a young age. His book of poems titled “khangpok natte eeyum ni” was published in Nov 2014 in Imphal. He is currently based out of Bangalore. This event was organised to introduce the young writer to the literary society of Bangalore and to have a small interaction with the writer himself.
The event was presided by Dr W Budhendra Singh, former deputy director of medical department, government of Manipur as the chief guest. Swar Thounaujam, a well known Bangalore based playwright and theatre personality also graced the occasion. Pinky Hodam, a popular dancer moderated the interaction.
Speaking at the interaction, Dr Budhendra emphasised the need for encouraging young writers like Kenebo, who writes mostly in the Manipuri language, “meiteilon”. Swar Thaonaujam added the need of the hour of preserving the language and also to expose Manipuri literature more. Pinky Hodam in her role of the moderator asked the writer a series of questions ranging from the inspiration to history and meaning of his writings.
“Kenebo Rajkumar’s writing has a soul and you don’t get to understand it the first time. The true picture comes out only when you read it for the third or the fourth time. It is spell bounding” said Priya Mohanraj, a participant in the interaction and a counsellor and life coach by profession.
“He is in love with love and expresses his deepest and the purest expression of his wishes” Dr Budhendra added. “He makes you question a lot of things since he ends most of poems with a question” another participant opined.
It was a lively interaction with the audience also getting a chance to ask questions to the writer. Later, the write read out few of his poems from his book “khangpok natte eeyum ni”
It was an evening well spent and NYCT thanks all the participants for taking out time and making to the event. We look forward to having you in another event in the near future.

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