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Exclusive news

Ananthram B S
Ananthram B S

Congratulations to City Kemp on its 1st anniversary.
I like City Kemp for your its exclusive local news coverage. Civic related news are exhaustive. It is gathering information from stake holders and civic organisation on every issues.
We like its articles on environment issues, be it encroachment of water bodies or creation of a new lake. Such issues will benefit the city and its residents.
I wish City Kemp all the best.
-Ananthram BS
Vice-President, Koramangala ST Bed Residents’ Welfare Association

Bold & imaginative insight…

Nitin Seshadri
Nitin Seshadri

A bold and imaginative insight into the local events and issues of Koramangala.
City Kemp is one more reason for a Koramangalite to look forward to Sundays !
-Nitin Seshadri
Resident of 3rd Block & former Secretary of Koramangala 3rd Block Residents’ Welfare Association

Voice of residents

Ajay Reddy
Ajay Reddy

Congrats to City Kemp on its completion of one year.
In the past year City Kemp has fearlessly represented the views of the citizens and has become the voice of the common resident of Koramangala.
The stories you have carried have answered our needs as citizens and you have demonstrated an effort to understand and reflect the whole community.
– Ajay Reddy
President, Koramangala 3rd Block Residents’ Welfare Association

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