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Responsible media

Anil Shetty
Anil Shetty

I would like to thank City Kemp for being a responsible media.
I must congratulate Editor in Chief Akshay Deva for keeping his integrity intact and giving real news to readers.
Wish City Kemp good luck.
-Anil Shetty
Co – Founder – FlywithVIP,
Founder – Peace Auto,
Board Member – B.PAC.

Wonderful job



I congratulate City Kemp on its very first anniversary.
City Kemp is doing a wonderful job of covering the events that happen in Koramangala.
City Kemp has appreciated my efforts in some of my achievements by publishing in its weekly editions.
I was happy to see the photo of Navarathri Doll decoration (in this newspaper) that was arranged in my home.
I wish City Kemp many more anniversaries to celebrate.
-Lokanshu P Malur,
age 12,
4 B block resident.

Shares information

Manjula Malur
Manjula Malur

Congratulations, for completing one year of this  weekly newspaper.
The First Anniversary, is indeed very special for any organization.  I would like to thank City Kemp for sharing with us most of the information of this area.
The most important part is to get the newspaper at our doorstep where in the boys have delivered to the houses promptly.  I feel City Kemp has covered most of the news and also has supported the children who have excelled in different fields.  This is a great motivation for them.
Wishing you “ALL THE BEST” for your future        endeavors.
– Manjula P Malur
4th B Block,

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