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Residents-police meet

crimeResidents-police meet was organised on Sunday in Koramangala by DCP South East Division headed by Dr Rohini Katoch Sepat where she heard grievances from the public. Koramangala Police Inspector Prashanth Babu and other officials were present. Nearly 50 residents mainly representatives of various RWAs in Koramangala took part.
Residents complained largely of traffic related problems -Traffic chaos at Sony World junction and  parking problems on various roads etc. Residents from the 7th Block urged to curb the alleged prostitution going on in the night in the locality and in some parks. Koramangala 8th Block RWA Secretary B D Nagaraj suggested of forming a committee comprising residents and holding meetings on monthly basis so as to crub crime in the area. Many residents urged to increase police beat.
Another is 8th Block RWA has asked for police chowki near Corporation Bank. Also residents asked for a police umbrella near Canara Bank. Besides road humps at several locations.
Residents asked for strict patrolling on Canara Bank road as vehicles are parked on both sides creating traffic jams quite often.
Hearing the grievances, the police official promised to solve all the problems in the meantime residents cooperation is utmost needed. Whenever a crime take places or problem occurs in respect to law and order, one should inform us immediately so that we can take necessary steps and action.

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