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Koramangala 3rd block compost on clearance sale

DSC09588web DSC09594webKoramangala 3rd Block RWA has been working hard at taking care of its waste for several years now.  K3B RWA’s waste journey is an old one, Well before the rest of the city woke up to the problems of solid waste management, the 3rd Block RWA had kicked off its Wealth Off Waste program (WoW). The WoW program takes care of recycling of dry recyclable waste such as plastics, paper, metal, glass etc. Since March 12, 2011, every Saturday without a single miss, dry waste is picked up by the waste collectors and delivered to Saahas for re-cycling. At least 90 tonnes of waste has been prevented from going to the landfills through this program.
Residents were however not satisfied with just the dry waste re-cycling. The regular burning of leaves in the months of January to March was bothering them for several years.
Finally, in late 2012 residents got together and started work on setting up a leaf composting facility in the 3rd Block playground. Through generous contributions from a few residents, a shredder was purchased and a facility set up. Now, one year after its inauguration in Jan 2013, about 6000 tempo loads of leaves have been taken care of by this facility. About 100 Tonnes of compost has been generated. Imagine the impact on the environment: The leaves have been returned back to Nature as compost instead of being burnt or transported several kilometers in diesel guzzling, smoke spewing trucks.
Kora 3B Compost is available for purchase at the shredder area in the 3rd Block Playground next to the Post Office on 12th Main. In fact the compost is now available at a discounted rate for the next two weeks as a clearance sale before the new leaf shedding season arrives.
The fine ground compost is available at Rs 5/kg and the coarse grade compost is priced at Rs 3/kg  You can contact Jayachandra at 07022358470 to buy the compost or go to our website – http://www.kora3bcompost.in/.
are urged to support the cause and buy the compost.  You can also get more regular updates on compost at the Kora3B compost Facebook page.

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