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Crime Prevention Month

crimeBengaluru City Police is organising Crime Prevention Month with focus on prevention of crime against women & children
Some precautions
lKeep a watch on your surroundings and movements of strangers in the early hours of the day while cleaning frontage of your house or putting rangoli or procuring milk or going to a temple or for a walk etc.
lIf a stranger visits your house and requests for a cup of water or on the plea of meter reading etc never open the door.
lBeware of strangers request regarding address enquiry.
lNever accept to have darshan of swamiji or accept prasada, theertha (holy water), vibhuthi etc from strangers since they may be contaminated with poison or stupefying drugs.
lDon’t lose calm if a stranger reports accident to your family members. Verify the truth before you accompany them. Lock the door properly, intimate your neighbours and the police.
lWhile travelling in an auto or taxi please not down the registration number, name of the driver and ensure that he is going on the proper route..
lNever be tempted if somebody offers to clean your jewels, you may lose 50% in the cleaning solution..
lAny slow moving two wheeler close to you should be watched and precaution be taken to protect your valuables.
lWhile moving in uninhabited, unlighted place, protect your valuable by covering with the help of your dress/saree materials.
lNever purchase valuables from a stranger or sympathiser. He could be a thief & you may be booked for stolen property.
lWhile in Bank never get diverted by money or change or filth on your dress/bag etc.
lStill if you become a victim, complain to nearest police station. Viveknagar Police Station 080-22942584. Koramangala Police Station 22942570.  Control Room: 22943481/82.

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