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Doctors brainstorm on helping accident victims

Bengaluru, : The road accidents can not only claim lives but can also leave a victim permanently disabled. With increase in road accidents and increased incidents of permanent disability; the country’s top orthopaedicians joined hands at the second annual conference of association of pelvic ace-tabular surgeons held at Bengaluru; where the experts discussed about the latest technologies and surgeries that can help the victims of such accidents.
Fractures of the pelvis and acetabulum are among the most serious injuries treated by orthopaedic surgeons. Often the result of a traumatic incident such as a motor vehicle accident or a bad fall, pelvic and acetabular fractures require rapid and precise treatment and, in some cases, one or more surgical procedures. People of all ages are vulnerable to these injuries. In addition, some elderly patients with fragile bones due to osteoporosis develop pelvic fractures and fractures of the acetabulum with a lower impact fall.

According to the recent survey, Road traffic accidents are one of the major causes for the disability in people in India. The disabilities include head injury, lower limb injuries and pelvis acetabular injuries. Worse, the road accidents are even leading to increased fatality rate.

Many disabled people are losing their hopes on lives, as they are unaware about the recent trends and treatments to overcome their disabilities, majorly Pelvis Injuries. Hence, the top orthopaedic surgeons came across the discussion table to brain storm on the latest technologies and methods to treat these injuries. The conference was the first step in creating awareness about the recent treatments for pelvis acetabular fracture, said Dr Sandeep Singh, senor orthopaedician from People Tree Hospital.
Dr. P K Raju, Professor of Victoria Hospital said in Ancient times, Pelvic acetabular facture stabilisation was in its infancy. Open procedures with extensive surgical approaches were majorly adopted. But, now with the increased technological advancement, pelvic acetabular surgeries are managed by minimal invasive procedures to improve the functional outcome says,

Management of Percutaneous screw fixations for pelvic acetabular fracture is the one of the major challenge on which doctors are brainstorming in order to exchange their valuable ideas.

The conference focussed on the overview of pelvic fractures, Acetabular fractures, treatment options, complications and there minimisation. Evolution of pelvic and acetabular surgery from ancient to modern times. Advantages of modified and new approaches for pelvic acetabular surgeries. Issues of early management and definitive fixation of pelvic acetabular injuries.
The above topics were addressed by renowned National faculties, including, Dr. Pradeep Kothadia (President of AOPAS) and Dr. Ramesh Sen and many more highly skilled and specialized Doctors both from India and abroad in the field of pelvic acetabular surgeries – said Dr. Prasanna (Organising secretary of AOPAS 2018.
During the conference, live demonstrations on patients including, cadaveric surgery demonstrations was organised.

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