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National handloom expo at Ganesh Temple Hall

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Presently, National Handloom Expo – 2018 is going on at Ganapathi Seva Samithi, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 560095. It will be there from March 17 -31, 2018.
The expo is sponsored by: Ministry of Textile, India and jointly organized by: Directorate of Handloom & Textile Manipur AND Manipur APex Handloom Weavers & Handicrafts Artisans C.S. Ltd.Participated by 25 stalls from primary co-operative society and entrepreneurship in handloom industry from Manipur. Varieties of handloom products are on display and available for sale.

Handlooms of Manipur are famed throughout the country for their exquisite designs. One of the largest cottage industries of the state includes these handloom industries which are blooming since ages. The unique feature of the industries creating handlooms in Manipur is that only women are the weavers. Handloom industry form an important part of the socio cultural heritage of the state and the legacy has been carried through generations. 
In Manipur the Handloom Industry has been playing a pivotal role in the economic since times immemorial. The traditional skill of handloom weaving is not only a matter of status symbol for the women-folk in the State, but also is an indispensable aspect of their socio-economic life.
Mythological History: Myths say that a goddess, Chitnu Tamitnu, had discovered cotton in ancient past and also created the yarn. She formed the work shed, “Sinnaishang” after preparing the threads for weaving and arranging the required equipments. Another belief also prevails that the goddess Panthoibee got the idea of weaving by observing the spiders weaving their cobwebs with fine threads produced by them. 
People: Majority of weavers who are skilled in weaving and rendering intricate designs to the handlooms. The excellent specimens of this craftwork are the tribal shawls. Five hill district of the state are specialized in making beautiful designs and motifs. The exotic shawls and unique fabric of the state have captured not only national but also the international market.

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