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From making 25 chapatis in 10 minutes to cooking without fire

Women’s Day promised to be unforgettable event at Sagar Hospital

Sagar Hospitals, Banashankari had organised unique contests for women to commemorate the International women’s day. To begin with, it may be a cakewalk for many to cook in their kitchens, but the women were asked to cook on Thursday without fire! As a result, the cookery enthusiasts went all out to serve a big spread of dishes at the ‘Cook without fire’ contest. The decision to feature fire-less cooking was made in order to encourage women participants think out of the box.
The other innovative contests included hair styling where women participants were asked to come out with innovative hair styles in a short span of time. At end of the programme, the participants demonstrated as to how the time was not a limiting factor as they came out with wonderful hair styles. This was followed by one more cookery talent hunt where women were given atta and asked to make as many chapatis as possible in 10 minutes. For this competition, the time literally counted as women vied with each other to make the maximum number of chapatis. At end of the programme, it was a photo finish.
Another unique contest lined up was a self assessing programme for the participants as to how much they know about the families. The participants were in shock as they realised that whatever they know about the families was still very much less.
The participants were encouraged by the chief guest-Squadron leader Jasmini Chandran. Ms Chandran, an air traffic controller is the first and only lady officer to reach the highest professional excellence in the air traffic controlling system. She has been conferred the Chief of Air Staff Commendation for exemplary service in Air Force. Speaking on the occasion, Ms Chandran said that she was very happy to be part of the Sagar Hospital event as it the women’s day programmes were a mix of fun and educative programmes which helped women to think out of the box.

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