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All-women Team Handles Operations at the Kempegowda International Airport

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An all-women team took charge of the entire operations at the Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (BLR Airport) during the first shift from 0600 hours to 1400 hours on Thursday, 8th March, 2018, as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations. Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL), which operates BLR Airport, created this unique initiative to celebrate the ability of women in non-traditional areas of Airport Operations.
A team of 36 women were responsible for handling of the Airport Operations Control Centre (AOCC), Airside (including the Apron, Airside Safety Regulations, Taxiways, Runways, New RETs, Taxiway Designators and Follow-me Cars), Aviation Safety, Guest Relations and Terminal Operations. Air Traffic Control (ATC), managed by the Airports Authority of India, had a team of women managing the Control Tower. A few airlines, including Indigo, AirAsia and GoAir operated flights with all-women crew.
“Most of these roles are niche from both the security as well as the training aspects. To ensure that operations proceed seamlessly, these women employees have trained tirelessly over the last six months, writing examinations and receiving security clearances from various sovereign agencies”, said Mr. Sajit TC, Chief Human Resources Officer at Bangalore International Airport Ltd. “At BIAL, we encourage the women in our teams to step-up and take on roles for which they have an aptitude. We value gender equality, and this unique Women’s Day initiative reflects our Company’s commitment towards the empowerment of women”, he added.
Javed Malik, Chief Operating Officer, Bangalore International Airport Ltd. said, “The idea of an all-women shift at Airport Operations was conceptualised in mid April 2017. Taking into consideration the sensitivity and complexity of airport operations, there was no room for error.
Due to the constraints of an Airport being a highly-regulated sector, these women underwent stringent training in order to ensure absolute compliance and safety at India’s third busiest airport. Each team member was given intense on-the-job training for their specific allocation, based on shift patterns. Review meetings were held every week and measures were taken to keep the team motivated to handle challenges and gear up for the big day.”
The BLR Airport witnessed about 245 Air Traffic Movements (ATMs) on 8th March 2018 between 0600 hours and 1400 hours, all of which were handled by women.

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