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Search for Smt. Samskruthi begins

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On the 7th of December, the meeting started with the usual formalities, announcements and the divas of December cutting the birthday cake.Winter brings in Smt. Samskruthi season for Samskruthi Ladies’ Association (SLA).
Beautiful members added lots of energy and colours. The stage was set on fire as over fifty members ‘modeled-walked’ with the music adding to their moves. The charming and illustrious judges Ms. Kalpana and Ms. Radhika had a challenge, eliminating the model turned contestants. 18 members were qualified for the next round.
There was a 1-minute task for the 9 pairs, to guess, enact and give various uses of the item written in the chits.
The winners will be announced at the following meeting. The fair and lovely judges were given a small token of appreciation and they thanked the club in turn. Meeting ended with mini snacks. The next meeting is on the December 21st, it is a games and lunch special.

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