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Kids hail traffic cops as super-heroes

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The celebration of the 13th “Traffic Police Day” by the children of Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA) was grand and heart warming. “Traffic Police Day” is a day that is set aside by CMCA, a non profit organisation to elicit a keen sense of appreciation among children towards the contributions of the Traffic Police, which go unnoticed.
The event saw the participation of about 2000 students from various schools across Bengaluru. A centralised event was held at the St. Joseph’s College, which was attended by about 100 Traffic Police and graced with the presence of Abhishek Goyal, DCP Traffic East, Traffic, Bengaluru.
At the event, children hailed the Bengaluru Traffic Police as the superheroes without the cape. They commended their unending zeal and tenacity they displayed despite the numerous challenges they face every day.
To reinforce the importance of their contributions, several students gave thank you cards to the Traffic Police, along with hand written poems. The gratitude displayed was palpable. Abhishek Goyal, DCP Traffic East, Traffic, Bengaluru said “Promoting the significance of the services that various groups provide is extremely crucial, especially among school-going children as they sow the seeds of life skills and values at a young age. These young people I believe will grow up to be active citizens.”
Ashish Patel, CEO of CMCA said “Bengaluru, with its rising population, both in terms of people and vehicles, has led to an insurmountable traffic problem. Despite the scorching heat and profanity of the citizens, the Traffic Police keep the city on the move. The importance of Traffic Police for everyday life is often forgotten by citizens, in the absence of whom the city of Bengaluru may be impossible to live in. Hence, CMCA through “Traffic Police Day” emphasizes the significance of the Traffic police among children and hope the message carries to all citizens.”
In addition to the event, students from Bengaluru’s Private and Government schools across the city either visited Traffic Police Stations or invited the Traffic Police to their schools to celebrate and express their gratitude personally.

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