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A Temple with no Permanent Diety Gulur Ganesha Temple !

A first full of mud is collected through out the year from the Gulur lake bed by devotees and it goes on to become a mammoth idol towering close to ten feet. The making of the the Lord Ganesha Idol commences on the auspicious Ganesha Chaturthi day culminating on Narka Chaturdasi day (Balipadyami – Diwali Day). Aftermath follows month long festivites by the village folks and by devotees from afar and close by areas. After the temple Cart Festival taking place in gusto, ciculating the huge mamoth Idol through the village streets and immersing the Idol at the Gulur lake. This ritual of 108 day process starts again for the next annual cycle.
The story of this ritual goes back to the times of the sage Brigamaharishi. During this time a simple villager was going through difficult times. He dreamt of Lord Ganesha who requested him to do his pooja according to vedic rituals to get out of his suffering syndrome. Not knowing the rituals he came in contact with Brigamaharishi who was travelling the area and he helped him with this ritual of making the Lord Ganesha and immersing it back in the lake.
Even to this day the rituals go on as prescribed. The participanting devotees are plenty seeking favours of removal of obstacles, renewal of energy, success in life, seeking wisdom and better agricultural produce to name a few.
This temple is open from 6 am to 9 pm and is about 80 Kms from Bangalore in the Kridapura area of the famous Kaidala Temple of Channakesava, the last built temple of master sculptor – Jakkanacharaya. It’s on the Tumkur – Kunigal highway, 5 Kms from Tumkur. Do visit this place when you are around the region. This region is well connected with public transport. Like I always say, it’s better to have your own transport. Visit to this area is a day trip.
May Divinty touch your soul visiting such places!
-Jagdeesh Laxman Singh
aka Jugie Singh
Text & Photography

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