Thursday, June 13, 2024


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Hiranmayi, a ladies group committed in promoting in spiritual activities in and around ST Bed, Koramangala have been organising programs during the festival of Navaratri for the past 25 years.
This year it also commorate Silver Jubilee and Devi Sahasrarchane was performed during Navaratri at the residence of Kala Vasudevan with poise and gaiety. All the Members of the group participated in the event with much devotion.
This group which was founded in 1992 with just 4-5 members in the beginning has presently 25 members which has attracted many from 4th block also. Satsang is held on every Friday of the week in one of the residences of the members is noteworthy.
The group believes and hopes that the activities conducted by them will inspire the present day youth and request more members especially younger generation of the layout to join the group in the coming days. On Saturday the 23rd October the residence of Kala Vasudevan had virtually turned into a Temple.The group members had come to celebrate the festival by invoking GODDESS DEVI with KALASHA and traditional Abhisheka, chanting of Lalitha Sahasranamavali, Arati and Pushpanjali followed by distribution of prasadam. The vedic hymns was chanted by N S Chandrashekar.

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