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Krshala Dance Theatre Koramangala celebrates Guru Purnima

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Guru Purnima is a festival where the students thank their teachers for guiding them in their journey. Rooted in Sanskrit, the word Guru is derived from ‘gu’ which means darkness and ‘ru’ which denotes the removal of darkness. It implies someone who takes us away from darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.
The disciples show their gratitude and take blessing from the Guru on this day. While learning Indian classical dance, a child not only learns an art form but also learn discipline, respect for teachers, friends and parents, they learn to be spiritual and over time learn to value everything that has been bestowed upon them by the almighty.
Krshala Dance Theatre in Koramangala celebrated the auspicious festival of Guru Purnima on Sunday, July 9 at the Shri Krishna Edeneer Mutt. Over 40 students from the institute under the guidance of their Guru Smt. Simran Godhwani performed Kathak. They started with the Vishnu Stotra, Shantakaram Bhujagashayanam by young dancers followed by pure dance by older students. The students varying from the age group of 6 to adults gave a variety of performances showcasing their rhythmic skills, with some of them first reciting out the bols, corresponding to specific cycles of beats, then translating them into eloquent displays of footwork, amplified by their ghungrus. The beautiful evening closed with a “Tarana,” where her three senior dancer Paridhi Agarwal of NPS, Anvi Daga of Valley School& Yuktha of Freedom International displayed a dazzling display of rhythmic complexity and technical virtuosity. The demonstrated flashing spins that ended on a syllable and stopped on a dime. The evening saw excellent coordination, dramatic yet subtle choreography& perfect finishes by all the students. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the evening as one rarely gets to see a Kathak presentation with live music in Bangalore. It was a live presentation with Karthik Bhatt on the Tabla, Surya on the Harmonium and Smt. Simran on the vocals.

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