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Jala Utsav: A pledge to save water

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An auspicious beginning to an auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya. Jala Utsav organised by Bengaluru Water Warriors, BWSSB, BPAC , B CLIP and well co-ordinated by environmentalist Sowmya Reddy, was an event to spread awareness of water conservation. Water is the most precious resource, and we running short of it . We as a nation have suffered the cruelty of drought for several years and yet we remain insensitive towards water conservation.
Jala Utsav was a move to sensitise us towards water conservation in our daily schedule of water usage like bathing, cleaning and also ways of water recycling. Instead of lecturing the people, today’s event used a novel way of spreading the message . There was a street play, which conveyed the powerful message of water conservation in a very energetic and emotional yet humorous way. They held everybody captive for about 30 minutes, and one cannot forget the message when one switches on the tap today and everyday. There was a band in which the singers sang relevant songs exhorting the virtues of saving water .
The event was held on Saturday in Lakshmidevi

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