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AP Rao’s concert: Royal feast for rasikas

img-20161114aKanchi Kamakoti Peetam Asthan Vidwan N Ananthapadmanabha Rao, on Sunday at Ravishankar Guruji’s Art of Knowledge  Centre  at Sarjapur road branch, presented lovely  Carnatic music concert and proved his ability as senior established seasoned  vocalist.
His disciple  M Suhas Acharya lended the vocal support. Vidwan Rao supported ably by Vidwan Dr R Raghuram on violin, Vidwan D.R.Chethanmurthy on mridanga and Vidwan Lakshminarayan on moorching.
Rao started the concert with raga saveri varana in adhital in two speed. Other interesting  items  Gamghanapathe in raga hamsadvani set to adhi thala. He paid his tributes  to trinity composers by rendering Sri Muthuswamy deekshithar’s Navagraha kruthi Suryamoorthe in sowrastra set to chathrushra jathi ata thala, sri Shyamashthri’s Bhairavi raga swarajathi in mishrachapu and sri Thyagaraja’s Niravadhisukadha in Ravichandrika set to adhi thala.
The Raga Bilahari renderd briskly followed by Patnam Subramanya Iyer kruthi Paridhanamichhite set to kandachapu with kalpanaswaras interestingly. The main item of the concert  Raga kamavardhini in detail  with cute imaginative sancharas in all the octaves.  Mysore Vasudevacharya kruthi Shankarinine renderd in slow phase scholarly followed by kalpanaswaras  skillfully with lot of varieties  of  laya prabedha patterns. Chethan and Lakshminarayan played a interting thani on mridangam and moorching. Rao winded the concert with Mohana kalyani kruthi Sangeethasamrajya and Thillana in Thodi raga. Vidwan Raghuram on violin supported  well thoroughly for the success of the concert. Packed audience had the feast of scholarly  well planned concert.
-Vidwan Sheshanarayan.

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