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Thoughts on food from a holistic nutritionist

2ckHere is the interview with Gauri Rokkam, a Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Therapist & Lactation consultant and also a resident of Koramangala:

Akshay: Why do you call yourself a Holistic Nutritionist?
Gauri: I have my basic degree & Masters in Medical Nutrition but I have adopted few principles of food from Yogic philosophy of food, Naturopathy & from Ayurveda. As I blend these eastern & western philosophies of food, I call myself a Holistic Nutritionist. I find this more complete & meaningful.
A: What is your style of working?
G: I teach my clients to count nutrients & not calories. I want people to understand that our bodies and the food we consume need to be looked at from an overall perspective; by trying to correct one disease we must not compromise on the overall health of our body. I encourage them to get all their nutrients from food & food alone and not with supplements. I only change their existing eating pattern to a healthier one.
Take a simple case of upma: If someone eats upma, my job is to tell them how to make a healthier upma – using whole wheat rava or millet ravalots of vegetables, some legumes, garnished with fresh coconut and coriander, all with minimal or no oil &consume it with a raw vegetable dish like raita/chutney – makes this simple dish delicious and more importantly, complete with nutrients and fibre.
A: What is the solution for all the ill health of the society?
G: Eat right: Simple, traditional dishes. Emphasis should be on variety, colours and locally grown and seasonal foods
•    Keep an hour for yourself to do some physical activity which you enjoy.
•    Learn to relax by spending time with friends or family, or by techniques like yoga, meditation, or even hobbies.
We have created disease with wrong living habits &we need to reverse it by living right.
A: I have seen many obese people dieting without any results, what is your advice?
G: Eat well to lose weight, but eat right. The whole struggle in obesity is to let go of wrong foods and thus lose the battle of losing weight. I teach them to replace it with healthier foods of their liking & thus the wrong ones fall off on their own without struggle & hence the weight also falls naturally.
A:What about Diabetes which is scarily on the rise
G: FIBRE is the solution. Consume everything which has natural dietary fibre & refrain eating anything which does not have fibre. See how your blood sugars FALL.
A: Your solutions sound simple?
G: It is surprisingly as simple as it sounds. If one can understand the principles behind the disease & how our food has an intimate relationship with the development or prevention of it, the problem is solved. People have to become responsible for their own health & take certain easy steps towards it.
A: Can you talk about your new venture of an Organic store & its uniqueness
G: Yes, we have started an organic store in 3rd block, Koramangala. – Swaastya Organics. You will find only unrefined, healthy food in the store. There is not a single item which is refined & without natural fibre. All the items are bought directly from authentic organic farmers & most important, the cost. Our whole goal was to make organic food affordable to all sections of the society & so is priced comparatively low. It is a one stop shop for all your needs for a chemical free living.

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