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Kurudumale Ganesha: Vighnaharta ! Politicians Favourite !

Kurudumale Ganesha -ck Kurudumale Ganesha Temple. A ckElephant headed Hindu God, Ganesha is believed to be a . . .
*Remover of obstacles.
*Lord of beginnings.
*Patron of Arts & Sciences, and
*God of intellect & Wisdom.
The one at Kurudumale. This Ganesha is special. It’s made of the preferred stone for hindu idols . . . the saligrama stone! It’s huge thirteen & a half feet in height & about six & a half feet in width, a single big enormous stone idol. More so it’s believed that this idol was established by none other than the Hindu Trinity – Bhrama, Vishnu & Shiva. It’s believed that Kurudumale Ganesha was worshipped by Lord Rama when he went to war against the Sri Lankan demon Ravana – who had abducted his wife Sita. His monkey army rested on these hills. Lord Krishna too worshipped here when he was accused of stealing the ‘Shikantaka Mani’ (Divine Pearl). The Pandavas of Mahabharata worshipped here before they went to war. The rishis or holy men too worshipped and still worship at this divine temple of power. Now come elections you can see every politician running to this temple for divine blessings & intervention. Considering the track records, all Chief Ministers & Ministers of Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh – they have been successful. Businessmen & Industrialists do come here before they start any venture. Qualified professionals too come and seek divine blessings before embarking on their career. The temple is open for it’s devotees from 8 to 11 am and later from 5 to 7 pm. Tuesday is an auspicious day and special poojas are performed. Ganesha Chuturthi sees this temple in full glory. Devotees from neighboring states of Tamilnadu & Andhra Pradesh throng this temple.
Kudumale Ganesha was earlier a huge idol in an open field. The Vijaynagar King Krishnadevaraya had a vision in his dream and built a simple temple around the gigantic Ganesha. It’s believed that the master sculptor Jakanacharya & his son Dakanacharya sculpted & built this temple – their architecture & style is very evident here. The exact place where this Ganesha temple was once known as Kotadri. This idol is much bigger than the Dodda Ganesha of Basavanagudi at Bangalore! The beauty of this idol is – no matter how far or how near you stand, the idol appears bigger in illusion & grows towards it’s enormousness…!
This Saligrama Ganesha idol is the epicenter of all positive energy. . . this energy is omnipresent & indestructible – one can feel it! During nights one can see tiny lights hovering over the temple. On the auspicious Ratasaptami day many lights are seen hovering around the temple and a lot of people gather to see this sight. The auspicious Hindu syllable ‘OM’ can be heard resonated at the temple during nights! It is believed anyone with a clean heart desires something & asks for it at this temple, gets it!
Kudumale also has another Shiva temple closeby 150 mts. away… its a Chola architecture sculpted temple. One can see a lot of Hoysala architecture & sculpture too… they were the rulers of this place after Cholas. . . the Hoysalas made Kudumale, their eastern capital after Belur & Halebidu. It’s believed the lands around this area is forest land and anyone grabbing them -befalls to misfortune. Thank God! This divine land of God’s recreation is left for humans to rejoice!
Kudumale is well connected to Kolar 40 kms, Mulubagal 11 kms & Bangalore 104 kms – Beautiful toll paying roads of 90 mins drive! Kudumale is before Mulubagal – a 4 kms picturesque village road. The nearest railway station is Kolar. Local transport like buses, autos & taxis are available from Kolar & Mulubagal.
Visiting Kudumale Vighnaharta temple is good for your divine intervention… have a feeling of Purity, Bliss & Divinity! – Be it a professional, business man or a politician. It’s a day trip and could be included on your Kolar-Mulubagal tourist map.

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aka Jugie Singh
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