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Get Rid of Tooth Plaque In simple way

city kemp2Tooth Plaque: It’s a common problem among all people. Modern dentistry offers many modern ways of eliminating it, but there is a very simple solution that you can do it at home. Today people eat less raw foods that require good chewing, and often eat soft, slurry food that doesn’t require great mechanical processing.
Therefore often comes to the formation of dental plaque. But there is a method that is simple and that can save you a lot of money.
Oral hygiene is very important: Otherwise it may develop an inflammatory disease periodontitis. If the infection penetrates the root canal can lead to inflammation of the entire tissue. Fortunately, there is a natural medicine for preventing this terrible disease!
Boil a few walnut shells in water for about 20 minutes.
Once the water cools down, strain the liquid.
Then brush your teeth with this water.
This procedure can be repeated three times a day – until the deposits completely disappear!
With regular brushing for two weeks with this liquid, you will see the results – plaque will be removed. This fluid has antibacterial benefits and therefore is useful for all who suffer from bleeding gums; the inflammation disappears in no time.

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