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Anti-litter campaign gains momentum

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The residents under the banner of DLRA (Daffodils Layout Residents’ Association) erected posters on “Swachh Bharat” Awareness programme on Nov 1st, the Kannada Rajyotsava Day in their layout of ST Bed, Koramangala in the presence of Ejipura Ward Corporator Ramachandra and others.
As part of the awareness programme, the residents held discussions with the Corporator Ramachandra on ways and means of improving the door-to-door collection of garbage mechanism.
The residents also brought to his notice that there is a need of footpath and a defined edge,  a little raised with a drain trap for water to go in.
Later there was a demonstration for garbage processing and recycling by a representative from Daily Dump. This was followed by a door-to-door campaign of no littering by children as well the RWA members.
As a temporary solution, the residents decided to post guards on trial basis for two months to keep a watch on offenders who litter the place.

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