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3rd Block Playground Restored

12th Main 3rd Block Playground.
12th Main 3rd Block Playground.
BACK TO PLAY: Children playing their favourite game cricket at the 12th Main 3rd Block Playground.

When the civic authorities slept, the residents woke up to repair the playground.
Finally, the 3rd Block Playground which was in a bad shape has been repaired and restored to its glory. Kudos to Koramangala 3rd Block Residents’ Welfare Association for taking the initiative of restoring the playground to an extremely good condition for playing any sport activity.
IMG_0263webCity Kemp had reported the bad state of the playground in its edition dated October 31- November 6 after which the Koramangala 3rd Block Residents’ Welfare Association took the initiative and entrusted the works to private parties. Now the Koramangala 3rd Block Playground is one of the largest playground in the surrounding localities for playing cricket.
In a record time of just 10 days the playground has been cleared of rocks, debris and levelled to a good condition using suitable earth for sport activities besides the erection of fence and other works. Also a huge net wall has been erected between the Park and the Playground. The bougainvillea plant has been trimmed.
Till recently, the 3rd Block Playground was akin to a minefield laden with stones, pebbles, slush and cowdung besides the uneven ground. Players had been injured on many an occasion.
Furthermore, the fence which protected the playground was damaged giving access to cattle from nearby village pockets. Now everything has been set right.
Ultimately the local youth cricket teams are a happy lot, and let’s hope the players are able to maintain the ground in its present form for many years to come.

12th Main 3rd Block Playground.
Few weeks back, 12th Main 3rd Block Playground looked like this


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