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Tree chopped down in 6th Block

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A message on the Koramangala 6th Block Residents’ Welfare Association Whatsapp Group alerted a youth who is also the resident of the 6th Block, to stop the miscreants from chopping a huge tree on the 19th Main Road corner close to Anand Sweets. But his lone attempts went in vain.
The tree was chopped and loaded to a truck. Further the youth tried to ask them to show the valid documents to cut down the tree as he suspected why at this hour the BBMP will do so.
Simply the youth was shooed away by the tree choppers. This didn’t deter him and tried to take some photographs. Still he was blocked from taking any photos. However, the youth managed to click some candidly.
As the loaded truck moved, the youth followed and stopped it at a distance, questioning them again. But to his shock a car was following the truck with three persons inside it who desisted him and made the truck to flee. However the youth had noted down both the vehicle registration numbers. (Truck KA51C 2971, Maruti Zen KA05 N 8435).
This incident has gone viral across various RWA whatsapp groups in Koramangala.
When contacted the Koramangala 6th Block RWA President Jayaramu confirmed about the incident and said that some of the RWA members had complained to the BBMP Forest department who had come to the spot and conducted the mahazar.
“The BBMP personnel too have confirmed that they have not given permission to cut this tree”, said a RWA member. “An oral complaint to the police has been given”, he added.

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