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Malabar Bay Turns Two

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Haven’t made a trip to God’s Own Country yet? Don’t worry, there is now a place in Bangalore with the food and the ambience that will make up for it. Malabar Bay, located conveniently near Forum Mall off Hosur Road, is an all-day restaurant that will please your gastronomic desires.
Today Malabar Bay Turned Two and have got an exciting new menu with a variety of sea food specials on board.
If you’ve already been to Kerala then there is no better place to reminisce. Although they specialise in authentic Kerala cuisine, their repertoire consists of several mixed cuisines and interesting mocktails. The 6000sq ft of tastefully decorated space with Kerala style wooden railings reminiscent of traditional Kerala architecture, coupled with an interesting array of signature dishes is sure to impress all your senses
Their menu is interesting, with a range of signature dishes waiting to be tried, especially their mouth watering selection of sea food specialities. Be it the Toddy Shop Crab Curry, Pomfret Moilee, Tawa Grilled Red Snapper Roast, Kainakiri Karimeen Pollichath (Marinated pearl fish wrapped in a banana leaf and grilled), Tawa Grilled Chicken Wings, Tawa-grilled Tiger Prawns, Squid Coconut Fry or the Chef’s special tawa fried seer fish served with raw mango salad on the side, you would want to sample at least one, if not all!
Seafood is not their only forte though, other popular dishes include Kuttanadan Duck Roast, and their interesting fusion of Thai Green Curry and Appams is a must-try. Finally their Calicut Dum Biryani, the Podhi Choru (Chef’s special chicken biryani steamed in aromatic masalas in a plantain leaf), and their Irachi Puttu (steamed rice cakes filled with spicy meat masala) is something just as authentic and flavoursome.
Those on a budget pinch can try their unlimited*  Kerala fish and veg curry meals served during lunch hours, generously priced at Rs. 160 & Rs.100 respectively.
Don’t leave without drowning that awesome food with some refreshing mocktails. Two of them are highly recommended – the tender coconut mocktail, which is self explanatory and the Bay of Malabar, a zesty concoction of green chillies and oranges.
Revel in the nostalgic feeling of being in Kerala, and enjoy authentic Kerala dishes; make your way to Malabar Bay.
Opening Hours:  11:30 am -11:00 pm. Onsite Car Parking and Party Hall Available
Meal for two: Rs. 800 Inc of taxes
Location: Malabar Bay Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, SG Palaya Rd, Between Christ University & Forum Mall, Off Hosur Road. Bangalore -560029
For Reservations :
0782 9999 500

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