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ENERA celebrates Republic Day; distributes dictionaries

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Ejipura New Extension Residents’ Association members celebrated 67thRepublic Day on Tuesday, the 26th January at Asha Nilaya Ground, Rama Temple road in Ejipura with great vigour.
On that day, in the morning at 9, K J Ravindra, Hon Secretary Builders’ NGV Club, Koramangala hoisted the national flag Govardhan Reddy, Hon Treasurer of the Club and Koramangala ward Congress President was the guest of honour
Ravindra Kumar, President ENERA, in his inaugural address briefed about the welfare state concept, which in turn will not succeed unless every citizen involved. “As an RWA we have certain reservations and are more concerned about our own residents and neighbourhood. We are concerned more on ward development, redressal of civic and health issues. This year we have decided to concentrate more on garbage issue with a view to support clean city movement undertaken by BBMP and like-minded citizens. Environment friendly atmosphere will certainly help our residents free from many health issues.We have a good repo with the Builders’ NGV Club.They are always supportive in our endeavour towards public cause. We will utilize their good office for all our activities concerned about clean city movement“, Ravindra Kumar said
KJ Ravindra, chief guest, in his deliberation, expressed his view that it is his pleasure to join Republic Day celebration with members ENERA. “I am happy to see that your RWA is undertaking.We will support the welfare programmes of your RWA as we have continued for all these days. Any time ENERA can approach us for the future welfare programmes.We are also much concerned about our neighbourhood. We will support the movement of segregation of garbage programme you have undertaken. As a social concern, today we have organized a free health camp in association with Appollo Spectra Hospital at our club. Hope Ejipura residents will utilise these facilities” he added.
Govardhan Reddy, guest of honour complimented the members for the good work turned so far. Shankarappa, former Vice-President of ENERA complimented the guests and members.
English-Kannada dictionaries sponsored by the Rotary Club Koramangal were distributed to the students of Everest High School, Ejipura. P N Gopal, General Secretary delivered the vote of thanks.

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