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Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy

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The residents of Koramangala decided to defer the protest against traffic planned for the January 31st after a meeting with the Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy.
The Minister requested the residents to postpone the protest by a week and promised to sort out their issues in the interim.
On Saturday, a meeting was held at the Minister’s office in Vikas Soudha. This was attended by about 30 residennts representing various Residents’ Welfare Associations in Koramangala and ST Bed.
Also in attendence besides the Minister himself was Dr Saleem, Addl Commissioner, Traffic, C K Baba- DCP (Traffic) and KT Nagaraj, BBMP Chief Engineer, Major Roads.
It was explained to Dr Saleem that traffic flowing through residential lanes was making things very dangerous for the residents. The various measures taken by the Police was being done without any consultation whatsoever with the affected population.
The three requests put forward by residents on traffic issues were all accepted by the police.
Firstly a commitment was made that a resident body would be constituted to liase with the police on issues relating to traffic in the area.
It was also accepted that the left turn into ST bed from the intermediate ring road would be made No Entry starting today. This results in a large amount of through traffic flowng thru ST bed and clogging the Kamal bakery junction.
There was also a commitment from both the Police as well as the Minister that both Sarjapur road and Hosur road would be made two way and the pre-May 2015 status quo would be re-established.
Subsequently a traffic study would be done to see how best to regulate traffic in the area.
This Dr Saleem promised to do as soon as the Global Investors’ Meet finished next week.
On infrastructure, the BBMP chief engineer is to visit Koramangala next week and along with residents inspect the problematic junctions and start work on improving them.
Finally the large infrastructure projects such as the elevated road from Ejipura to Kendriya Sadan is to be fast tracked. The Minister assures the residents that he would personally follow this up.
City Kemp had written in its various issues about the plight of problems faced by ST Bed residents due to continuous flow traffic in the residential roads of ST Bed as motorists used it as a short cut to avoid traffic signals. ST Bed RWA had thanked City Kemp in a message stating ‘thanks for helping us immensely’.

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