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Install net-houses in all parks

IMG_0175ckWith respect to the death of a 7-year-old child due to bee sting in the month of August 2015 at Lalbagh, the Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has given recommendations to the BBMP & BDA.
The BBMP & BDA will have to implement all the recommended points at all the Parks that come under their limits to avoid any such untoward incidents.
Recommendations are:
l    ‘First aid box’ has to be placed at every entrance of the park/ garden.
l    Drinking water facility should be provided at every park.
l    Fire extinguishers must be installed at park.
l    Department has to create a help line number and has to be displayed at every park that comes under the departments permits. The phone number of the department should be in condition during official hours/ working hours.
l    Suggestion / complaint box has to be installed at every park.
l     At every entrance an ambulance has to be present.
l    Install net houses.
l    Public audio system and siren has to be easily available & reachable to alert the public.
l    Warning boards should  be displaced at all the entry points.
l    List of Precautions should be displayed when honey bees attacks.
l    List of Prohibitions should be displayed

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