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Students gear up to perform musical drama

2Students are  getting ready for the our acting, dancing, singing, music compositions & artwork 1Students at the tech rehearsal of 'Beyond the Bubble' with Nooraine Fazal - Managing Trustee & CEO, Inventure AcademyStudents of Inventure Academy, one of the top ten Pre K – Grade 12 co educational schools in the country, have once again proved that together, they constitute a powerhouse of talent! Not only are they environmentally conscious citizens, they have chosen an extremely creative route to raise both awareness and funds for the environment through their musical drama, ‘Beyond the Bubble’, proceeds of which will be used to contribute towards Inventure Academy’s on-going lake revival project, ‘Our Lakes, Our Voice’ (OLOV). The funds will be used to create awareness through campaigns in and around Varthur on the deteriorating environmental situation, to revive a nearby dry lake bed that existed 20 years ago and to conduct Kere Habba, a community lake festival.
A significant highlight of this initiative is the fact that every single aspect of the drama has been handled by the students, from ideating on the script in conjunction with the script writer and Director to composing the musical score to setting the choreography and creating the sets. Students have spent many hours every day, designing costumes, creating props, accessories and even fabricating their own video projections. As a result, this year’s production promises to be spectacular and grander than anything they have ever done before.
Two shows of the drama will be held on 04 and 05 September 2015 at the MLR Convention Centre, Whitefield at 6:30pm daily. The drama has been written by Ram Ganesh Kamatham and directed by Arati Punwani from Tarantismo.
‘Beyond the bubble’
An adventure involving four young monks from the future as they attempt to save the world! They venture down a path that explores gender inequality, the impact of disaster around the world and the effect of advancing technology, while demonstrating selflessness, teamwork and inquisitiveness. An opportunity to witness an exceptional story in which they dance, sing, fight off cybernetic rabbits and observe ‘our world’ with all its eccentricities. Will they triumph or face defeat? ‘Beyond the Bubble’ brings to the stage a unique depiction and representation of our world as we know it, and our world as it could be, years from now.
‘Our Lakes, Our Voice’
Conducted in July 2015 in association with the American India Foundation (AIF), Whitefield Rising, Srishti School of Art, Technology and Design and Namma Bengaluru Foundation (NBF), amongst others, this initiative focused on using Varthur Lake, a 450-acre water body in the vicinity as a case study to understand the impact of human development on the natural environment, with regard to water as a scarce resource. The emphasis was to study the degradation of Varthur Lake using participatory analysis tools. The students and teachers had studied the environment, spoken to the villagers in the area and made extensive notes of the various businesses and practices in the vicinity. The children had then translated their findings and observations in great and minute detail with the help of maps and notes. This was followed by a Model Assembly, where the children ideated on the changes they wished to effect. Over the course of the Model Assembly, students were able to elicit commitments of support by way of securing permissions from the government, and technical expertise from various stakeholders who attended the event. The objective of this activity was to create a platform (Our Voice) for students to understand the impact of human development on water and to work collaboratively with various stakeholders on solutions. Along with the wider community, Inventure Academy aims to continue to present opportunities to their youth to become socially responsible citizens, with a voice to recommend and make changes in the world.

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