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Eco-friendly Ganeshas

samarpana25Samarpana has initiated to spread awareness to the citizens of Bangalore about usage of the eco-friendly Ganesha idols. During the Ganesha festivals, we see thousands of people using Ganesha idols made from Plaster of Paris which are not eco friendly. In order to encourage people to use eco-friendly idols made from Natural Clay, Samarpana is making and selling these Ganesha Idols.
To spread the awareness it has taken a unique route – that is educating the school children about the harmful effects of PoP idols. At the same time, Samarpana is collating the the database of the phone numbers of the parents of these school children. The parents will be contacted directly to encourage them to buy the idols made of Natural Clay.
Those school management interested in participating in this initiative, may contact Poornima – 9901190466, Shivakumar Hosamani – 9980008074 or Srinivas – 8722557777

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