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Fruitful Papaya Leaves Keeping Dengue at Bay

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With the rising cases of dengue or dengue-like symtoms, people are trying out all kinds of remedies to avoid the disease. Among the remedies doing the rounds is the healing capacity of papaya leaves juice. Many residents are looking out on social networking sites asking the location of papaya trees in their locality.
“Often I used to notice monkeys chewing up young papaya leaves. Maybe they knew the healing properties or its their instinct. But today people from all walks of life just enter the compound and pluck the leaves even without asking for the permission. Anyhow we know the reason so we don’t say anything”, said Modaliyar, a resident of Wilson Garden.
Firoze a resident of Bannerghatta Road said, “News about the papaya and its leaves having the capacity to heal dengue fever and increase the blood platelet count is spreading fast on WhatsApp and facebook group sites. This is turn has increased the demand of  the leaves. Look a tree near our layout has been almost vandalised like monkeys do”.
It is believed that papaya juice cures dengue fever and increases blood platelets.  The fresh juice extracted about three to four spoons of the juice consumed twice a day helps maintain the necessary platelet count. Young leaves from a fruit bearing papaya plant should be used. Papaya leaves are known to be packed with the enzymes like chymopapin and papain that, according to doctors, normalise the platelet count, improves the clotting factor, improves one’s liver function and repairs the damage to the liver done by dengue, therefore helping an ailing person recover from the disease.
The BBMP will be undertaking fogging twice a day at vulnerable locations in the morning and evenings to keep the disease under control. Dengue and chikungunya are viral diseases which spread through the bite of infected Aedes Aegypti mosquito.  Symptoms: Sudden high fever, skin rashes, severe headache, retro orbital pain, bodyache, pain in the joints, nausea and vomiting.
Free treatment is available in the BBMP hospitals. You can contact 2266 0000 or 2222 1188

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