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Suguna Varadachari’s majestic concert

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Suguna Varadachari

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Vidushi Suguna Varadachari, one of the senior most vocalists to propagate the “Musuri Subramanya Iyer’s style” of singing was in Bengaluru to perform for Nadasurabhi on Sunday, 21st June 2015.
She began the concert with a composition in the auspicious raga ‘Sri’, invoking lord Ganesha, as tradition would demand.  The stamp of classicism was demonstrated right from the beginning.  She next went to a sweet Thyagarja composition ‘Muddumomu’ which was handled gently.  She moved on to present several heavy songs with adequate measure of ‘Raga alapana’ and short but heavy doses of ‘swara prastharas’ –  simple and not very intricate.  The ‘neravals’ were done at most appropriate places for a few songs.
For an artist of her stature who is very well equipped with both ‘Lakshya’ and ‘Lakshana’ of music nothing could go wrong.
The selection  of songs, ragas, propriety of ‘manodharma’ were all precise.  Each song was presented with utmost authority and confidence and the ‘sangathis’ included were beautiful.  There was a satisfactory feeling of experiencing authenticity with her presentation of compositions.  This was particularly true with Shamasastri’s Talli ninnu….. and Tulasi bilwa of Thyagaraja.  So was it with the song in Manji.
The two young ladies who gave her vocal support were Suguna Varadachari’s prime disciples.  Ms. Aishwarya Shankar and Ms. Brinda Mancikavachagan were very well trained and ably supported her .  They were very competent in filling up where ever necessary.
Violinist, Vidwan B. Raghuram was brilliant in his following. His fine sketching of the ragas and perfection in following the nuances sung by the artist were highly appreciable.  Vidwan H.S. Sudhindra on the mridangam had the perfect understanding of the mood of the song as well as the artist.  His keen observation of her subtle usages helped him reflect the same on his instrument.  So also Vidwan Omkar Rao with his efficient support rose to the occasion.  The ‘Tani avartanam’ by the percussionists was highly enjoyable.
Overall, it was a top class concert, very well attended and highly appreciated by one and all.

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