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Elitist garbage policy puts residents in high tension

IMG-20150425 city kemp
A road to nowhere
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While Koramangala suffers, a garden is planned

city kemp IMG-20150425 city kemp 4 Residents of Koramangala 3rd and 4th Block are upset over the land adjoining Mestripalya lake being converted into a giant rubbish dump.
The area which residents had hoped would be developed into a beautiful park adjacent to the lake is now covered with garbage trucks and segregation and transfer of garbage is in full swing on a daily basis. The stench in the area is making neighbouring residents furious.
What adds to their ire is that a vast tract of land over 3.5 Acres in area next to the High Tension wire zone in 5th Block Koramangala earmarked for these activities has instead been taken over for various technology demonstrator projects none of which are functioning effectively.
To make matters worse a top grade 40 ft wide road running right through the area has been constructed in the area although hardly any trucks use the area at present.
High walls and gates keep out the curious while frenetic plans are underway to hastily plant trees in the area to queer the pitch on all efforts to bring rationality into the planning for the area.
City Kemp observed a shed constructed there ostensibly for selling compost. The irony is there is negligible compost being produced there. Instead the area is strewn with liquor bottles and cigarette butts.
“All in all public money worth crores has been squandered, citizens who pay the taxes are stuck with garbage outside their homes and the elitist garbage policies continue”, said a local resident who declined to be named.

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