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Miracles now happen often; Thanks to advanced technology

Extreme pre-term baby born in Apollo Cradle survives the battle of life

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Baby Addu

Born just 26 weeks into the pregnancy and weighing a mere 762gms, this baby is what one would truly call a ‘miracle’ baby. This baby, fondly called Addu by his parents, survived all major obstacles that came his way for three long months.

The chances of survival for this 26 week baby were very low as he faced multiple problems from the day he was born.
Every single day was a battle – both for Addu and his parents. But neither of them gave up – Addu fought through serious complications and his parents, although extremely anxious, did not give up hope even once. Each day was a gamut of emotions for Addu’s family and the entire team of doctors, nurses and staff at Apollo Cradle – from exhilaration as Addu showed signs of improvement… calmness as everything about him seemed normal giving rise to renewed hopes.. to apprehension as his condition started sinking again. This case was led by Dr Prashanth URS, Director new born and pediatric services, Apollo Cradle, Koramangala..
Infants born at less than 1500g are under the very low birth weight category and Addu was extremely underweight weighing a mere 762 gms. Unlike other pre-term babies, Addu experienced a series of complications while in the NICU. Addu was in continuous need of the incubator for 3 months. In extreme pre-term babies, the lungs are immature due to which there is less lung movement thereby causing congestion. Addu had chronic lung disease and his lungs were blocked due to which he was in constant need of the ventilator for a month. The criticality of the case rose as the child faced 3 cardiac arrests in the incubator and had very less chances of survival. The cardiac arrests were due to the congestion and inability to breath. Also, due to continuous oxygen radicals being supplied through the ventilator, there were chances of the baby’s tissues to be damaged causing harm to the eyes. The doctors at Apollo Cradle constantly monitored the organs of the baby to ensure the baby’s health was stable. Pre-term babies also usually bleed inside the brain and this makes them prone to severe brain hemorrhage and mental & physical disabilities for life. The severity of the brain damage is graded in 4 levels. Luckily for Addu, there was no such complication. The child also had pneumonia after a point but managed to cross this hurdle too.
Staying optimistic about their baby’s health, the parents stayed at the maternity centre for one month and actively learnt the ways to take care of their baby from the doctors at Apollo Cradle as they were willing to take Addu home once he was out of danger. Once the baby was discharged, he was still in need of oxygen for 3-4 weeks. The parents took immense care of their baby and religiously followed the instructions of the doctor.
Addu is as healthy as any other normal 3 month old child now and is not in need of the ventilator. At Apollo Cradle, the technology is abreast with times to provide the best possible care to the expectant mothers and babies. The cutting edge technology with level 4 NICU has made diagnosis and treatment more effective. This technology coupled with the presence of mind of the nurses and staff, the empathy and 24 hour care & monitoring by all the doctors at Apollo Cradle acted as a strong backbone in this case.

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