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Nadasurabhi concert: An evening of soulful music

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city kempPalghat Ramprasad started his concert brilliantly with two speed Bhairavi Ata taala varnam.
A soulful Purandaradasa kriti followed which included a detailed swara prasthara. He demonstrated in the bginning itself that his strength lies in swara rendition, which he harnessed throughout the concert to the delight of the rasikas.
An elaborate rendition of Begada ragam with the lovely Lokavana chatura with neraval and swaram was captivating. Interestingly he asked the percussionists to present the thani at this stage, which gave the idea that an RTP is on the anvil. The intricate swara patterns for begada, enthused the Prof. Krishna on mridangam and Gururaj on morsing to present a lively thani avarthanam.
RTP in the ragam Thodi which gives scope for multi dimensional expansion was a pleasure to listen to. TS Krishnamurthy gave superb following, especially given the complex tisra jathi triputa taalam in khanda nadai that was chosen to fit the pallavi line.
Just the four songs including RTP that were rendered till then took 2 hours and 45 minutes. In fifteen minutes the pleasing well selected tail pieces were rendered. Overall the overflowing hall had a thoroughly satisfactory evening.

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