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Tutor accused of molesting child has locality parents in panic

There are many tutorial centres throughout Bengaluru. One such centre which declares that its aim is to provide coaching to students for foreign examinations including SAT, GMAT etc for facilitating a global education is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Functioning from an affluent neighbourhood, the centre is owned and run by one Abhishek Malani, who also does duty as a Mathematics teacher at the centre.
Residents of the area were shocked to hear of a horrific incident of child molestation in the Centre on Friday, 10th April. The owner of the centre, Abhishek Malani is alleged to have attempted to sexually molest a young unsuspecting teenage girl student at the centre, taking advantage of the absence of the receptionist during lunch hours. Thanks to swift action by the jurisdictional Police, the perpetrator of the crime has been arrested and is currently being in custody awaiting trial. Parents of the victim and other residents of the area have been in touch with the police who have promised to oppose the bail application of the suspect.
“A child molester is a pervert and deviant and such people have no place in civilised society”, said an area resident whose name has been withheld for this news report.

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