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Spoorthi Mahila Sangha celebrates Women’s Day

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4(1) city kempEvery woman has her own way of cooking. This is why Spoorthi Mahila Sangha (SMS) conducts the ‘Cooking Competition’ every year. This year it was held on the 10th of March and like every time the competition is held, the participants had to incorporate specific ingredients in their recipes. This year the mandatory ingredient was oats.
On the day of the competition, a large circle of women participated with dishes that were unique and innovative in their own way and this presented itself as an opportunity for all the ladies to learn new recipes. The food that was cooked was not only healthy and mouth-watering, but it was also well presented and garnished.
The Spoorthi Mahila Sangha invited Rekha Shastry, a well known dietitian and a Life and Wellness Coach, to be the guest and to judge the competitors’ dishes. She gave many insightful home remedies that could easily be implemented by the ladies. One of the things that she suggested was to eat lots of seasonal fruits that would keep bad cholesterol in the body at bay. Also, she shared the simple recipe for the healthy ABC drink (Apple, Beetroot and Carrot) and explained how it is beneficial for the body. She also suggested that one should keep their brain on its toes by habitually solving various puzzles. Such ‘Brain Exercises’ keep the brain active and helps one to think positive in all situations. Rekha also pointed out that our body parts rejuvenate over a certain period of time based on the work it does. For example, the kidneys take about 5 months to rejuvenate, the bones take 10 years, skin every 15 days and hair once in 45 days and so on. This process happens everywhere except the brain and heart. All this means that we cannot justify our age based on the day we were born; we are all young, like children. When our body rejuvenates and when all the ladies gather here once in a month and enjoy every moment by actively participating, it will help to have a stress free mind and a happy and healthy heart. Many of the ladies also asked her doubts that they had. At the end of the event, the winners of the competition were announced. Navya won the 1st prize for her ‘Oats Kadubu’ and Anuradha won the 2nd prize for her ‘Oats Thandi Utsav’.

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