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Irregular water supply irks 8th Block residents

borewellThe residents of Koramangala in 8th Block are a troubled lot particularly those residing on 1st F Main Road, K R Nanjappa Layout, 2nd G Main Road, 2nd F Main Road and neighbouring roads.
For, since the past many months, they have been getting intermittent water supply. Also, the water they receive is very little and not sufficient, due to which, several of them have been relying on borewell water or tankers to meet their daily water needs. With summer almost approaching, the residents fear more short supply of water. They demand adequate water supply on par with their neighbouring areas and also request to replace the nearly four decade old sewage pipelines.

“We have been facing water problems since the last four months. It has become very difficult to manage. We haven’t received water for the past few days, and we don’t know until when this will continue. Recently, the Minister Ramalinga Reddy got sanctioned and a new pipeline through Adugodi Police quarters was laid spending several crores of rupees, but it is of no use as there is no pressure at all. The neighbouring area has full water supply, but we have been neglected. The Corporator Murugesh Modaliyar too is doing his best to solve the problem, but due to BWSSB officials apathy we are suffering”, residents said.
The frequent tranfer of BWSSB officials and lack of interest, there seems no end to this problem, said B D Nagaraj, Secretary of Koramangala 8th Block Residents’ Association. Few months back we along with the Corporator had organised a meeting with the BWSSB officials, but nothing has improved, he added.
Another major problem is the sewage pipelines are over three decades old, so frequently sewage gets blocked. In result, it contaminates with the drinking water. Many such incidents have been reported and few have been solved by the BWSSB only last week to some extent in 2nd Main and 2nd F Main Roads. But the problem still persists.
Borewell water
Nearly 35 residences are getting water through a borewell that had been sunk few years back. Thanks to the Corporator Murugesh Modaliyar. The Corporator has promised to sink two more borewells in the next few weeks time in the block.

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