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Residents across Koramangala speak on City Kemp anniversary

Initiatives by affluent residents…

Pradeep Malur
Pradeep Malur

I congratulate City Kemp for completing one year anniversary.  I also wish City Kemp to complete many more such anniversaries in the years to come.
City Kemp has covered most of the programs and events of Koramangala neighbourhood and published articles in their weekly edition from time to time.
I have been in Koramangala since 1979 and I have seen the changes that has happened in Koramangala. During the yester-years, we were scared to be out on streets during late evenings as it was full of mosquitoes and snakes. Today, it is still scary to go out because of the immense traffic and reckless driving of vehicles.  I believe the residents of Koramangala should do something about this and I am sure City Kemp will encourage such initiative.
I was all the while thinking that Koramangala has some affluent people and it is very difficult for such people to understand the ground reality of the other residents in the neighbourhood.  Now I am sure that I was wrong as I am reading the initiatives that has happened in our neighbourhood and some of them are done by these affluent residents of Koramangala.  I hope we continue to have more programs and events in our neighbourhood and try to involve as much as the residents as possible from our neighbourhood. Once again I congratulate City Kemp and look forward for more coverage on the neighbourhood news in the coming years..
-Pradeep G Malur,
Resident, Koramangala 4th B Block.


Pleasure reading

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERACongratulations on your completing one year of publishing ‘City Kemp’ weekly magazine. City Kemp has brought us news of Koramangala and surrounding be it celebration of festivals of south and north,  installation of RWA Presidents, community service by Rotary, facelift to parks, we have received news about all the happenings in and around Koramangala as well as tips on good health, home management and awareness on child abuse, etc.
It has been a pleasure reading ‘City Kemp’. Wishing you all the best,
-Janet S K Yegneswaran,

Relevant to residents

 sheela ladha

sheela ladha

Congratulations to team City Kemp. You are doing a commendable job.
It is nice to have a local newspaper focusing on issues of the neighbourhood.
Do continue to share information relevant to the residents
– Sheela Ladha,
Koramangala 4th Block

Hard work pays off

Shetty G M
Shetty G M

I came to know that your newspaper City Kemp is celebrating 1st anniversary. I am extremely happy about it.
In fact your paper is covering all the news of Koramangala and other areas. I am proud about the hardwork and initiative taken by you in making the publication successful.
Wish you good luck.
-G M Shetty,
Advocate & President of Koramangala 4th Block Residents’ Welfare Association.

Highlights civic issues

Mohan Raju
Mohan Raju

Congratulations to City Kemp and its team for completing one year. City Kemp and  Akshaya Deva in particular have been instrumental in highlighting the civic issues which has helped us immensely.
On this auspicious occasion we wish them all the very best for the future.
– Mohan Raju,
ST Bed Residents’ Welfare Association.

Vibrant community paper

Ashish Patel
Ashish Patel

“City Kemp is a great example of a young Indian taking up his passion and combining it with entrepreneurship. Congratulations to Akshaya and City Kemp for completing one year of reporting on all thats happenning in Koramangala.
Koramangala is a vibrant community and publications like City Kemp play a key part in keeping it vibrant.”
– Ashish Patel,
Resident of J Block, Koramangala

Best wishes

Gurudas S
Gurudas S

City Kemp is vividly carrying the developments & the difficulties faced by Koramangalites. Please keep it up.
Wishing happy anniversary.
-Gurudas S,
Resident, 8th Block,  Koramangala.

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