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Muraly continues his Solo-Cycling Missions…

BEACH1-webHere is a different story of an ex-Indian Air Force man, aged 47 years who is known as a “Man on a Mission with a Vision” who recently did his 11th Solo adventure cycling to spread awareness of “Health is Wealth” by covering approximately 1300kms within 11 days including 2 days rest from Bengaluru to Angamally in Kerala.  He traveled various places in Bengaluru city and rural areas and then via Hosur, Dharmapuri, Salem, Madurai, Thirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam and Ernakulam reached at Angamally in Kerala.  He left Bengaluru on Jan 16 early morning and reached at his final destination on the Republic Day of 2015 wherein many educational institutions had given him a grand welcome at their premises apart from numerous people enroute.

Muraly served IAF from 1986 to 2006.  From 2003, he has been undertaking solo cycling missions for various social causes.  He says “whatever touches deep in my mind in a year becomes the cause of my journey for that year.  I make pamphlets accordingly in different languages as based on my journey through different Southern States; I distribute my messages to so many people through various media globally; I raise funds by contacting my friends spread all over the world to help the needy; I travel alone taking high amount of risk and challenges unlike an organized group rally and above all I aim at making use of Adventure Sports for Better Social Causes”, says Muraly.
ONROAD1-webFrom 2003 to 2012, he did 10 solo-cycling missions of 550 – 600kms in 4 days and this year, he did his longest lone journey.  He is proud to recollect that he could break his own records this time by traveling 137kms just in 9h 15m.  He usually travels apx 110 – 120kms to reach at the scheduled destinations where lodge facilities would be available.  But there were days when he had even pedaled 155kms to reach at certain destinations.  He stays in cheap lodges and usually has food only during night.  During journey, Muraly depends on oranges, glucose, energy drinks, biscuits and plenty of water.  He starts his journey very early morning like 0400 – 0430hours with an idea of covering the maximum distance non-stop and later cycles with interaction with so many people on the way.  Unbearable heat, wind from opposite direction, uphill roads, fight with the street dogs early in the morning hours etc used to be the challenges.  But, he is happy to have enjoyed the love and affection of people enroute.  He says “my air force life has taught me the best way to remain one among all wherever I am… the air force training and life in IAF still keep me a man with strong determination, will-power and above all a man with a vision with great values in life for self and others.  Support from my brave family members apart from my intimate friends who financially help me always is highly remarkable.  At the age of 47, I am proud to say that I am 47 years young”, laughingly says Muraly.
His 10 solo-cycling Missions included Search of Satisfaction through Sufferings, Love Mother Nature, Eye Donation, Help Orphans, Salute Soldiers who guard our Land, Sea & Sky, Help the Helpless – for the deserted old age people, World Peace, For the families of brave martyred soldiers, Education is the Greatest of all the Wealth, For the Special Children and finally in 2015 Health is Wealth.
Mission 2015 pointed out on the necessity of remaining healthy especially in this multi-tasking super-fast era.  He emphasized on synchronization of physical, mental and emotional health for not only ensuring the individual health but as a whole for the growth of our Nation with a strong force of healthy people.  The subject finds it’s strength when we have young people suffering from diabetes, heart attacks, strokes etc and how can we have a Nation where young people are not healthy remains as a question mark.
“When I realized the pain that I undertake for cycling alone for so many kilometers, why not to convert the same for a Social Cause.. why not to help others.. and thus I started raising funds for helping others”.  Muraly says. The biggest achievement in this regard was in 2012 when he could raise a fund of Rs. 88000/- for the special children of a school in Bangalore.  He had raised a fund of Rs. 80000/- in 2010 for the Army Central Welfare Fund.  Same way, many NGOs were given financial support on account of his various Missions.
This year, as a part of his Mission 2015, many talented students were honoured by Muraly with cash awards and mementos in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.  This included one special child in Bengaluru and one in a remote village away from Nagarkovil.  Also was a boy of 5 years who already holds 4 world records and another boy with a Limca record in Bengaluru. Muraly was given reception by Chamraj Film Institute of Chan Ki Martial Arts Bengaluru, Sree Sabari School Jalahalli West, Air Force Association Karnataka Branch, Santhi Bhavanam in Nagarkovil, Tripti Public Charitable Trust Elamakkara, Pranavam School of Dance Angamally, MAHS Nedumbassery, SVLPS Mekkad and St. Joseph’s High School Kidangoor.  He had honoured one student each at all these institutions for their achievement in sports, games or dance.
Muraly himself is a physical fitness freak.  He practices gym, karate and cycling on a routine basis amidst his entire busy schedule.
He continues his cycling on his gear-less bicycle that joined him in 2000 during his Allahabad tenure in IAF.  He says “I travel alone.. along with my shadow… my bicycle is my best companion.. I want to prove that an individual alone can make a difference if the attitude and aim are in the right track… I do not represent any group but just as a common citizen of India, at least once in a year, I set out on my Missions…. to ensure that this life is made use for certain good causes… each Mission makes me more compassionate, matured, strong and caring for self as well as for my countrymen.”
Regardless of Region, Religion, Language and such kind of barriers that hinder the growth and discipline of India, he works towards better social causes to make this short-term life worthwhile and keep doing better for the Society and citizens by way of solo-adventure cycling – show them that if the attitude is right, nothing stops a man from doing right things and help others in some or other ways regardless of all personal problems and worries.  At least, once in a year, anyone can spare sometime for a cause that can enlighten a few lives in their own ways and           methods.

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