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Everyday our streets are littered with garbage,posing a health hazard besides being an eyesore. While we in Koramangala do have a garbage collection system in place but it appears badly managed because of ignorance and citizens apathy. We generate waste but how many of us know, where our garbage goes? What is done of it? Who is responsible for keeping our streets clean? How can it be better managed? Why should we residents be concerned? writes Sheela Ladhaweb

Open loop management
Our city has been following the open loop system of garbage management where the mixed garbage from households, eataries commercial establishments, hospitals, street sweepings is collected and carried away to be dumped in the outskirts. This was ok in the past.closed-loop-web open loop web
Closed loop management
Right now or today our attention should be on (a)changing the way our waste is managed. (b) changing the way people think about garbage Because it is not the garbage that stinks but our attitude that stinks. What our city needs today for garbage is the “closed loop management”.In this method waste is segregated at source and each type of waste is ‘managed’ so only the rejects reach the landfill.
It is a necessity for our growing city.
We cannot endanger people’s health and lives who handle waste on our behalf.
We cannot dump our garbage at some poor villagers’ doorstep and make their life and future a living hell because we ‘city walla’ types want our front yards to be kept clean.
What we create must be handled by us in a manner that does not jeopardize the lives and future of others.
Start practicing separation of waste at source from today. When citizens take responsibility of sustainable waste management  we give ourselves a right to clean environment and right to health.
Waste managers in Koramangala
In and around Koramangala we do have a lot of waste management facilities that officially or indirectly support the waste management system.
A typical Kabadiwala shop.
A mobile raddiwala we are all familiar with.
KASA RASA  (Saahas facility)
2014-06-15-510web DSC_2576Kasa Rasa Ejipura

Two decentralised waste management centres Kasa Rasa 1 in Ejipura and Kasa Rasa 2 in Koramangala  5th block are in operation.
These centres manage organic and dry waste collected from neighbouring areas. These are also e-waste collection centres. Citizens are welcome to deposit their segregated e-waste/dry waste at these centres.
Each of these centres has the capacity to manage upto 2 tons of waste every day. Organic waste is composted here.
Post secondary sorting, the collected dry waste is sent to recyclers. E-waste too is sent to authorised recyclers.
Kasa Rasa Koramangala
KCDC 012webKCDC (7km from Koramangala)
One of the first composting facility in Bangalore,the KCDC is 7 kms from Koramangala on hosur road.
While in the past this place received mixed waste and produced the “ BLACK GOLD’ (compost) but also generated a lot of non biodegradable waste which hindered the full use of the space and capacity and landed into problems !
Once segregated waste reaches this place it can take care of our neibhourhood waste efficiently.
Leaf composting facility near 3rdblk playground
lKora 3B Compost is available for purchase at the shredder area in the 3rd Block Playground next to the Post Office on 12th Main. You can contact Jayachandra at 07022358470 DSC09588web
Role of BBMP
lThe BBMP ward office is located  in 5th Block Koramangala.
lEach block has a field supervisor for garbage related issues.
lEach ward has assigned garbage trucks, tipper auto’s, push carts, street sweepers for residential neibourhoods.
lThere are separate trucks to collect “commercial wastes” from shops and hotels/offices in the neibourhood.
lBBMP gives complete support to the SWM groups and backs them for communicating rules and guidelines to all residents.
lBBMP have penalizing system for defaulters and enforces them strictly.
lThe BBMP contractor team takes complete responsibility of this segregation process and work with volunteers to ensure an effective garbage management system in place.
lA litter free and clean neibhourhood is the responsibility of BBMP and citizens.
l BBMP citizens helpline : 22660000
l BBMP field supervisor for garbage 4th block  9742399606
Role of citizens
lA clean neibhourhood is our responsibility too as residents.
lGenerating less waste by practicing the R’s (Refuse, reduce,reuse,recycle….)
lPractise segregation always.
lNever litter,stop others from littering too.
lRespect our garbage collectors because they are not “Kachrawalas” but “Safaiwalas”
lParticipate in clean campaigns in our neibhourhood.

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