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US Moinuddin’s Dreams, Action & Success now in Tamil

DREAMS---poster4The no.1 bestseller Dreams, Action and Success by noted enivronmentalist US Moinuddin, was recently published in Tamil by Prism. The book is titled Kannavai, Nijamakungal Vetri Perungal. The book originally written in English was translated into Tamil by Vani Lakshman a well-known translator who has translated a large number of books and articles.
Pranesh S the Managing Director of Prism Books Private Limited said, “Dreams, Action and Success has a message for people from all walks of life. I am confident that Tamil book readers too will like the book.”
The visibly happy Moinuddin said, “Many people feel comfortable reading books in their mother tongue. Hence, I feel the message from the book should also reach the people in the language that they are familiar and comfortable with.”
Vani Lakshman said, “Moinuddin, has in a very interesting manner, guided our thoughts towards success and thus, tries to bring about a change in the lives of the readers. Repeated reading during the process of translation was most enjoyable, because every chapter had something different to offer and every time it was a new experience.”
About the book
The first book of Indian author US Moinuddin, ‘Dreams, Action and Success’ has received remarkable appreciation from the public. The book was first published in English by Magnifique and subsequently by Prism.  Later, it was published in Kannada as Nimmolagide Success by Vasantha Prakashana.  Owing to the huge demand for the book by Tamil book readers, it was subsequently published in Tamil by Prism.
A desire to feel important, a desire to have an identity of our own, a desire to become ‘successful’ in our chosen field of excellence, is predominant in all the human beings. When we talk about success, it means different things to different people. Interestingly, every individual has his own definition of success.
For a tennis player it could mean winning the Wimbledon or any other Grand Slam title, for a film actor it could mean winning the Oscars, for a politician it could mean becoming the member of a parliament or the minister of a state. But beyond all our ambitions and desires, most of the people are unable to generate the results that they dream of.
The reason is that most of the people do not have the formula of becoming successful. In short, ‘Dreams, Action and Success’ provides its readers the recipe of becoming successful in their lives. This book caters to the needs of the young and the old and has a message for politicians, students, businessmen, employees of a firm,  house wives, sports stars or any person who wants to make his life better.
The thirteen chapters of the book tackle the practical issues of day-to-day life which confront people of all age groups. In the first chapter titled ‘The Beginning’ the author narrates success stories of Soichiro Honda of Honda Corporation, Colonel Sanders of KFC, Narayan Murthy of Infosys, Nelson Mandela, Walt Disney and Mahatma Gandhi to name a few. The author justifies by saying, “If someone else can do it so can you.”
Once the enthusiasm to read further is aroused, the second and subsequent chapters go on inspiring and providing strategies of generating successful results in our lives. The title ‘Dreams, Action and Success’ clearly states, every venture starts with a dream, and the dream should be accompanied by action. Finally, with your action follows success. Catchy titles of the chapters accompanied by inspiring quotes make it a very interesting read.
If you want to develop a healthy relationship with people, or attain career success, or want to learn the formula of success, Dreams, Action and Success offers this and much more to the readers.

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