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Team ERSC goes on ICE Skating

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Passion is an elegant and powerful formula for true success. With the motto “born to skate” team ERSC has successfully taken up its profile to the peak as it takes a leaping step forward towards ICE Skating. Whether it is rink or road the team acknowledges its presence with great enthusiasm under the eminent guidance of the founder and the coach of the club, Esther Bernard Prasanna.
Esther is a prolific name on the International skater’s circuit. She is an international skater and has won 25 times National gold, 3 times Asians and 1 world championship. She has been honored with PRATIBHA PURASKAR award for the year 2000, 2001 and 2003. She was the youngest skater to represent India at 6th Asian roller championship held in the year 1995 at Japan.
She also represented India at 7th and 8th Asian championships in the year 1997 and 1999 respectively. She has been awarded as outstanding sport person in the year 1995. She is also the recipient of young achiever award for the year 1995.she has represented India in the world championship held at France in the year 2001 and stood 24th.  Esther has bagged more than 100+ gold medals till now.
Recently the Indian ice skating association conducted an ice skating speed camp at Gurgaon for about a week’s time.  Several skaters from ERSC got an opportunity to participate in the camp. Seven students who attended the camp include Juan Raunak Bernard, Lakshya M Gowda, Daksha Nanjunda, Arushi Patel, Adarsh, Sahil, and Yogesh.  “Children were thrilled to skate on the ice for the first time. They flawlessly and gracefully skated on the ice without even knowing that was their first experience” said one of the parents while sharing the experience of the camp.  “Skaters were chosen based on their roller skating performance.
The medal winners of district level and participants of the state level competitions are also allowed to attend the camp” said Esther Prasanna.
She also added that, it was her dream to take the team to the ice skating camp as it is an Olympic sport and the base for the ice skating is roller skating. The team will be attending the coaching camp in Shimla between 26th of December to 3rd January 2017 followed by nationals on 4th, 5th and 6th of the same month.
This is not the first time for the team to take up such a challenge. Way back in 2007 a team of 4 members from ERSC had also participated in the ice skating camp. The team looks forward for more challenges and opportunities as its members roll on with their skates.

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