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Empty plots cleanup drive

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As part of the city wide Bengaluru Clean-up Campaign launched by BBMP, The Ugly Indiansalong with Koramangala RWAs joined hands in cleaning up areas within the Koramangala Ward. In the following days, a lot of construction debris, large amounts of waste accumulated in empty plots were cleared by BBMP team.
To ensure cleanliness of the empty sites, the TUI team, with Sunil Achar as local champion, proposed beautification of the area around the empty site and putting up enclosures. In 6th block, 3 empty sites were selected. BBMP team did another round of clean up on the day of beautification.
On 11th March 2018, a team of volunteers along with 6th Block RWA and TUI reached the empty site next to Pai International on 100ft road. The boundary wall was repaired and painted. A green screen was erected to dissuade dumping of garbage and the neighbouring commercial establishments were given awareness on responsible waste disposal. The employees of Kota Kachori, Pai International participated in the clean up, beautification and promised to take steps to minimise garbage dumping. On the same day, two other sites in 6th block Koramangala were enclosed with green screen. After 12 days, these sites have been clean which is an encouraging sign.
“We would like to see other RWAs follow this model to maintain cleanliness of empty sites and overall cleanliness of the neighbourhoods. I am always available to support such positive initiatives”, said Sunil Achar, who has been a big crusader on plastic ban and improving visual cleanliness of Koramangala and other wards in Bengaluru. “Mr. Sunil has shown great initiative and commitment towards removal of black spots and many green initiatives. Such young men are wonderful inspiration for everyone and I wish that more youngsters come forward and take ownership of our beautiful city, Bengaluru”, said Mr. Bindu Rao, Treasurer of 6th Block Residents’ Welfare Association.
The volunteers and the RWA has requested the residents not to dump waste/garbage in empty plots and maintain cleanliness

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