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The Soul of Lord Shiva at Murdeshwara ! World’s 2nd Tallest Lord Shiva Statue

Welcome to Murdeshwara, a small historic town on the coastline of the Arabian Sea. Three hours drive from Mangalore, closer to Bhatkal – a shopping place for imported goods, with a lovely beach. Bhatkal is of late notoriously known for aiding terrorist activities! Sad Reality!
Murdeshwara is a beautiful town which has it all, a lovely Hindu religious place with a mountain of a land jutting into the Arabian Sea, it’s three sides are filled with water forming it a picturesque post card town of a place! Sunsets are dramatic and envigorating to an Artist, Photographer, Simple Devote Pilgrim or Simply a Tourist! The sea is open to fishing on one side and pleasure activities on the other! The shallow not so deep wading beach is full of water sports activities. Murdeshwara has number of restaurants and hotels to suit every pocket. If looking for an alternate place to stay, Bhatkal close by is an alternate choice! Avoid going during monsoons or summer here.
The imposing structure which welcomes you to Murdeshwara is of Lord Shiva temple of yester years restored to its present magnanimity by none other than the local business man R N Shetty. He’s contributed 50 million INR in making this place a divine tourist attraction. He also owns a few resorts and hotels catering to the public here, he is involved in the auto and other industries across the state. Murdeshwara is well connected by road NH 17 and also has the Kokan Railway Station, connecting you from Bangalore and Mangalore this side! The Lord Shiva’s statue out here is the second tallest in the world after the one at Nepal, here it reaches an astounding height of 123 feet! on the Kanduka hill. It also has a part of Lord Shiva’s soul! The ‘Atma Linga’ in the temple, no one is allowed into the sanctum santorum of the Murdeshwara Temple. This place is considered divine and sacred by Lord Shiva devotees! Apart from the 2nd tallest statue of Lord Shiva of the world, there are other statues of Geethoupdesha, Lord Ganesha with Ravana, Sun Chariot of Mahabharata fame, there’s also a Shanishareshwarya temple. A dramatic story telling caves too welcome you below the massive Statue! It’s a huge vast area where most parts can be driven up and around. There’s a little walking around too! Another fascinating structure out here is the Rajgopura towering an height of 237.5 feet, which is 22 floors high enabled by an elevator, the view from top is mesmerising. . . One can see all three sides of the ocean the temples and Lord Shiva’s statue! The architecture is South Indian, the Master Sculptor was Shivamoga’s Kashinath and his team of artisans. They have built this structure taking into account the warm breeze of the Arabian sea and the winds of the sea! It’s a challenging task and a divine assignment. The massive tall Raj Gopura was completed in the month of May 2008. A small ticket price takes you on top of the world here. The only thing disappointing is the temple closing from 12 noon to 3 pm, which a travelling pilgrim or tourist loses valuable time. The temple doors open in the morning by 7 am, it makes sense to stay overnight and enjoy the Divine Temple and soak up the pleasures of the picturesque sea beach. The stay is inexpensive and affordable to all pockets and budget. You could consider this place, Murdeshwara as a last stop before heading to Udupi, Mangalore or Bangalore or proceeding further to Karwar or Goa!
Epic tale behind Murdeshwara… Lord Shiva being an easy boon giving God fell prey to Demon King, Ravana’s penance, when pleased by his devotion… Lord Shiva succumbed to giving his soul in form of “Atma Linga”! This would be a disastrous effect on the survival of the universe. Sensing this, the do gooder mischievous messenger, Narayana, approached Lord Vishnu and briefed him of the situation. Sensing trouble Lord Vishnu blocked the Sun creating an atmosphere of Dusk, knowing well that Ravana, the devote Brahman will not miss his evening prayers. Ravana got tricked into the situation and found a young boy, a cowherd to hold on to the ‘Atma Linga’, without keeping it down. For, the minute the said Soul of Lord Shiva’s Linga if kept on the floor, it gets rooted to the ground. The cowherd, none other than Lord Ganesha, kept it on the ground claiming it was heavy and being dusk he had to head home. As per the pre condition agreed, the cowherd had called Ravana thrice and not finding him to receive the Linga, he placed it on the ground! Demon King Ravana was furious and could do nothing to uproot the Soul of Shiva – the Atma Linga! In range he stuck the cowherd and the temples around has Lord Ganesha’s Idol with a dented head – Gokarna!
In rage the Demon King Ravana started pulling out at the Atma Linga from the ground. Alas, it stayed rooted… Some parts of the Linga were scattered, all these places have become divine Lord Shiva Temples! Viz., Suratkal, Sajjeshwar, Guneshwar all around the region! The cloth of the Atma Linga fell on the Kanduka Giri or Hillock at Mrideshwara, hence today named Murdeshwara! Hence this place is considered divine and flocked by Shiviates – the divine followers of Lord Shiva!
Murdeshwara is a small town in Bhatkal Taluk of Uttara Kannada Dist. Karnataka, India. This region has got a lot of Temples starting from Mangalore to Murdeshwara. Please do visit to appease your soul, pray for your wishes and Divine Intervention. God Bless Us All!
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I wish all my readers, a beautiful happy, prosperous, healthy, wealthy year of fame and fortune! Towards world peace ! Cheers!

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