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A Broken Shiva Linga Town – ‘Sakleshpura’ ! A Blessed Town !

‘Sakala Aishwarya Kudida Pura’ in Kannada means, ‘ a town blessed with all kinds of wealth’ . . . here Sakleshpura is truly blessed, with water – the Hemavathi river, this place is also blessed with cash crops , spices like ginger, coffee, aeracanut, tea and other crops. In addition it is also blessed with excellent weather all through the year except during monsoons with adequate rains for crops!
Sakaleshpura is a plantation town admist forests of the western ghats! A small picture perfect postcard town on NH 48, the Highway which runs between Bangalore and Mangalore. 222 Kms from Bangalore, 130 Kms before Mangalore Sakleshpura has a foothill city, Hassan. Sakleshpura is a 4 hour drive from Bangalore and a 3 hour drive from Mangalore . From Hassan it’s a just an hours drive. Belur is 37 Kms and Halebidu is 58 Kms.
Sakaleshpura is well connected by rail and road. Nearest international airport is Bangalore and domestic airport is Mangalore. It helps to have your own transport and traverse through these beautiful hilly ghat roads in your own vehicle. This region has many temples and Sakleshpura is the perfect spot to relax at an elevation of 949 mts or 3113 feet! There are very few hotels out here, but filled with excellent plantation ‘home stays’ to suit every budget!
Sakaleshpura has it all . . . Forts, Camping Grounds, Trekking Trails, Waterfalls, etc. A perfect weekend destination! The roads and scenic beauty landscape are mesmerising – it’s a natural high for your senses being out here. The best season to be out here is from November to April. Avoid going here during rainy season!
Sakaleshpura is’ in the Western Ghats, a UNESCO declared heritage site! It has existed from the times of Chalukya’s and been ruled by – Hoysalas, Wodyers of Mysore, Hyderalis & Tipu Sultan and the British. It was christened ‘Poor man’s Ooty’ for it’s consistent pleasant climate.
‘Sakaleshwara’, Lord Shiva is the presiding deity of the town, the name of the town is also derived. This place was discovered with a ‘Broken Linga’ – ‘Shakala’ means broken in Sanskrit, ‘Eshwara’ meaning ‘Lord Shiva’, ‘Pura’ meaning ‘Town’! This presiding deity’s beautiful Temple is at the entrance of the town on the bank of River Hemavathi. It’s built by the Hoysala Dynasty Kings in their reining supreme period between 11 & 14 Century. Currently the temple is managed by the Karnataka Muzarai Department. Modern development and additions to the temple are disheartening, but one can see the Hoysala Temple Architecture in this beautiful temple. The Beautiful Shiva Linga is aesthetic in design and full of grace putting you in a divine trance! The Temple priest is helpful and acts as a guide. Every year on full moon in February the town celebrates ‘Temple Festival Day’. The temple chariot goes around town blessing all the small population of about 25,000 people! Devotees come and pray at this temple for salvation, wealth, relief from sickness, bettering knowledge and purchasing new vehicles.
Futher, below the bank of River Hemavathi is the ‘Holemalleshwara’ Temple which is a recent addition and gets flooded during the rainy season. Do not confuse this with the town diety Temple, it is past the Hemavathi River Bridge and is known as ‘Shri Sakaleshwara Swamy Temple’!
Head to the hills between November and April for a pleasant weekend of fun and frolic with your loved ones for a good time! Stay close to nature to rejuvenate your body and soul!
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-Jagdeesh Laxman Singh
aka Jugie Singh
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