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iD Fresh Food partners with DIAV to salute our Indian army martyrs

August 15th 1947 was the day the tri color was first raised and independent India was born. s we step into the 71st year of our nation’s independence, our hearts brim with feelings of patriotism but we barely get the chance to express our pride towards the nation and the people who sacrifice their lives magnanimously. Their bravery is unparalleled, their devotion beyond admiration and they are the real heroes who let us sleep safe by keeping their life at stake.
This month happens to be the best time to educate people about an organization which helps the families of the army martyrs called DIAV, Directorate of Indian Army Veterans. DIAV looks into the matters of our nation’s veterans and supports their families to ameliorate their lives. iD Fresh Food in particular has chosen the need to support the education of the wards and widows of army martyrs.
To commemorate the occasion, special edition packs has been launched across India. iD Fresh Food as a company has been working to preserve the Indian culture of traditional cooking, eating and is doing its bit for the people who protect our nation’s sovereignty. The objective is to invite Indians at large to pledge their support. These special edition packs would be available across 18000 stores across the country.
“This is an initiative spearheaded by iD Fresh Food. The campaign is a small tribute to our army martyrs and also to increase awareness on existence of bodies like DIAV which provides single window redress to the martyrs. We’re really privileged to associate with DIAV for this cause”, said Musthafa PC, CEO & Co-founder, iD Fresh Food.
“This association is to mobilise support and awareness for the cause of educating widows and kids of martyrs. We’ve launched where people could login and pledge their support towards this initiative. The complete packaging design has been revamped to memorialize the army martyrs contribution to the country and to also celebrate 70 years of Independent India. As iD reaches to lakhs of consumers daily we’re doing our bit to promote the cause through our packs. Also to amplify this, we’re having impactful digital activation to reach out to the new age users”, said Mithun Appaiah, Vice President, iD Fresh Food.
iD Fresh Food: Launched in the year 2006, Bangalore-based iD Fresh Food (India) Pvt. Ltd operates in a potentially large ready-to-cook segment of F&B sector in India. Started with the idea of making cooking easy for homemakers at the same time ensuring best quality home-like product, iD is a part of most of urban households in 16 cities in India & UAE. From idly & dosa batteriD has diversified their product offering by introducing Malabar Parota, Wheat Parota, Chapati, Udupi-Style Batter, Natural Paneer and Natural Curd. The company is shortly going to launch a superfood range. The first from the range, Ragi Idly Dosa Batter is expected to hit the stands in a fortnight.
DIAV:The Directorate of Indian Army Veterans (DIAV) was raised in April, 2013 as a single window for the redressal of veterans’ issues and aspirations at Army HQ level. Since then, its role and charter has expanded considerably, to include matters beyond the usual pension and welfare related issues. It does not only interact with the line directorates and welfare societies at the AG Branch, but also with other directorates, state governments, skilling agencies and placement partners across the country. It now functions directly under the Adjutant General, thereby according the required importance to the management of Veteran affairs in the Indian Army.

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