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A round table discussion was held with 6 representatives on the dais. Vijayan Menon and Nitin Seshadri representating Koramangala. Ravichandar, a member of the BBMP restructuring group, NS Mukunda, convenor of Citizens Action Forum, CN Kumar representing Jayanagar and Sridhar Pabisetty representing Namma Bengaluru Foundation. Various aspects were discussed including the adverse impact of commercialization, steps to be taken to file objections to the draft gazette notification and legal strategies to be pursued .
More than 100 representatives from more than 30 RWAs in Bengaluru met on Saturday 22nd July at the East Cultural Association in Indiranagar to discuss the new Zoning Regulations.
#UnitedBengaluru campaign has resolved to fight this retrograde amendment .
Also representatives from pan Bengaluru groups including Citizens Action Forum, BRACE and other bodies took part.

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Residents of Bengaluru are united in opposition to the proposed new Common Zoning Regulations (CZR), the draft of which was published in the Government Gazette on 1st July 2017.
The residents of various RWAs across City firmly believe the regulations are illogical, bereft of any underlying merit and will further destroy the tranquility of residential areas in the city.
What these changes will mean for Bengaluru
n Roads as narrow as 30 ft can see 100 % commercialization which will effectively mean the end of Bengaluru residential areas.
n The changes once made will be irreversible by subsequent changes in zoning as establishments set up under one zoning regulation cannot be made illegal by an amendment.
Main reasons why the residents oppose the changes:
n The 74th Constitutional Amendment mandates that the Municipal Planning Committee for Bengaluru (“MPC”), has the prime responsibility for the planning of Bengaluru. MPC has not been consulted.
n The residents believe the UDD has exercised unbridled power and has callously used Section 13 (e) of the KTCP act for this notification. Section 13(e) is meant for amendments in the event of exigencies. The scope of the present amendments is so vast that it amounts to a total rewrite of the entire zoning regulations in the guise of an amendment which is not permitted.
n The draft notifications have been put on the government gazette without any public advertisements or call for consultations.
n There has been no apparent application of mind to this exercise which shows ad hocism. A single catch phrase called “ease of doing business’ has been used to justify the exercise without any impact study on the devastating effects on residential areas
n The new rules totally undermine RMP 2031 which is in the process of being formulated. The RMP 2031 is supposed to define the zoning policy in Bengaluru. Instead RMP 2031 is being asked to adjust itself to match the zoning regulations.
n A single set of zoning regulations cannot be applied across all states and cities in Karnataka given the varied development needs, growth rates and other uniqueness of each town. This also goes against the very concept of urban town planning.
n These regulations are also contrary to the principles enunciated in the various well established Supreme Court and High Court verdicts to protect residential neighbourhoods including the landmark verdict in WP 3676/2008. This regulation infringes on Article 21 of the Constitution of India.
n The notification could be construed as Contempt of Court in that specific court orders are sought to be by-passed by the stroke of a pen.
What the residents are demanding from Govt:
n To immediately rescind the draft notification of 1st July 2017
n To defer the question of zoning regulations in Bengaluru until RMP 2031 is formulated and adopted.
n To stop making policy by stealth and have a genuine broad based consultation with RWAs and other citizen bodies

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