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Extensive sewage, storm water drain and roadworks going on in Koramangala

The BWSSB is installing new wider sewage pipes, parallel to existing old ones. While this is much required, the quality and timeliness of the job is not so good. For instance the job on 8th Main, 3rd Block which is a heavy traffic road could be better planned and executed.
The residents met with BWSSB engineers 10 days ago to share their angst and even after almost two months the road compacting is incomplete after which the asphalting needs to be done by BBMP.
The concerns of residents is the speed at which digging is done making roads unmotorable and enormous time taken to complete the jobs and its quality often a worry.
The residents are happy the storm water drains desilting, flagging, coping of drains are being done in 3rd Block.
This is an enormous job including culverts to be done. Its been taken up at high speed and we will face lot of inconvenience next couple of months but residents are looking forward to seeing water flow into the Mestripalya Lake, this year for the first time. We do wish this job was undertaken well before monsoon but better late than never.
Residents are always asking that they be made aware of what jobs by when it will be completed. If they know a few weeks before it gets started, it would be a good way to get citizen’s appreciation of all the works happening in Koramangala.
– 3rd block RWA Secretary Chitra Talwar

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