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Robotic Wild Animals Show in City

Elephant Family2First ever Robotic Wild Animal Show in City to create awareness about our eco system among the children is going on.
n First ever real size robotic wild animal display in Bangalore
n Exhibition of wild animals inside 10,000 square feet zoo
n Wild animals of various continents inside a single zoo
n Real movements, real sound to give real time experience
n Aim of the show is creating awareness among our next generation about the importance of preserving ecology, forest, wild animals etc
n Date : May 5 to 21
n Daily 11 am to 9 pm
n Animal Kingdom, St. Josephs Indian High School Grounds. Opp: UB City

Wild animals on a free run in silicon city of Bengaluru which has almost become concrete jungle now a days. Shocked? don’t worry. These are not real wild animals.
But real size robotic wild animals from various continents, deep forests of across the globe.
As part of National Consumer Fair event for the first time, robotic wild animal zoo has been set up in Bangalore city. From mammoth elephants of African deep forests to Zebra, moose, Chinese Panda, Rhinos of Assam, Shark from Atlantic ocean, white tigers from Bengal, Dolphins of red sea, Aligator, Bear, Boa Snake, Elephant Family of Western ghats, Hippo, King Kong, Gujarat Lions were the highlight of this show. A separate aqua show and bird show will show cause the bio diversity of the universe and how they have made our life beautiful.
Education and Awareness: according to the organizers, main objective of organizing this show is creating awareness and educating the next generation about the conservation of ecology which is essential for the existence of human race. Students and children can get real time feeling of our deep forest and wild animal life. “We need to protect the wild animals. These robotic animals are of real size and they give you real time feeling of our forest eco system.
Students and children can feel their life cycle. We are trying to create awareness about preserving our forests and wild animals through this,” said organizers.

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