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India’s first ever flash song dedicated to Moms

image002~ Sunfeast Mom’s Magic makes this Mother’s Day special in partnership with Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy~

May 11, 2017, Bangalore – To celebrate the special occasion of Mother’s Day, Sunfeast Mom’s Magic spearheaded a unique initiative of delighting moms everywhere. Mom’s Magic presented their biggest surprise for moms yet by involving participants to collaborate with the musical trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy to create #MomsDayMagic in a befitting manner

Here’s the magical tribute that Sunfeast Mom’s Magic, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and the participants made for their mothers, and for mothers everywhere:

The month-long digital campaign started with Sunfeast Mom’s Magic reaching out to over 4 million people across India with a –request of sending in their best ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day. We received an overwhelming response with hundreds of participants from across the nation reaching out to us with their ideas and plans for Mother’s Day, with some even composing their own song. This made the task of choosing one idea even more challenging. What was clearly evident is that everyone was keen to give their mothers a surprise. We decided to take this further and undertake something truly unique.

“Having received tremendous response in the early stages of the campaign, what clearly came through was the fact that children were willing to do so much for their moms which otherwise they weren’t able to. As a brand that represents the undiluted and unconditional magic of mothers, we had to do something very special. That is where the idea of India’s first flash song was born,’ said Mr. Hemant Malik, CEO, ITC Foods Limited.

The digital campaign conceptualized by OgilvyOne Worldwide, Bangalore, involved executing India’s first Flash Song that featured a rendition of the most heartwarming song composed for mothers, ‘Maa’ from the popular movie Taare Zameen Par. The participants rehearsed together the evening before the event with singing coaches, and showed up the next morning with their families.

Much to the surprise of the participants Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy joined the performance mid-way. In Shankar Mahadevan’s words “In our career spanning 21 years we have never done anything like this”.

Mother’s Day is a special occasion when children pay befitting tributes to their mothers and acknowledge their contribution. We are delighted that Sunfeast Mom’s Magic spearheaded a unique initiative to celebrate Mother’s Day. The initiative involved bringing mothers to a movie theatre on the pretext of watching a movie. What followed were a few emotional moments which witnessed children singing publicly in the theatre for their mothers which possibly was least expected by them. The final video, produced by Sunfeast Mom’s Magic, is a tribute to all mothers everywhere.

“The idea truly allowed us to leverage the power of digital by getting together a bunch of people who don’t know each other to do something special for their moms. This performance had only one take with no room for errors at all. But the response we got from the people who were in the theatre was overwhelming. We hope this inspires others to do something special for their mothers for Mother’s Day,” said Vanaja Pillai, Executive Vice President, OgilvyOne Worldwide, Bangalore.

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